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The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - The Don has landed!

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Territory
The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Logo

  "The Commission - Organized Crime Grand Strategy" (let's just say "The Commission" from now on), is a strategy game coming from the little indie studio 302 Interactive, which gives you the opportunity to control a mafia family in the 1930s city "New Shore". 

  Sharpen your bullets and iron your fedoras, it's time to explain our little friends the physics of cement and water!

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Logo - Coming to SteamI'LL MAKE YOU AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE... 😎

  Despite the "grand strategy" name, it's more similar to a nice casual "board" game, and focuses on one city only(divided into 5 districts, though), in which your tasks - as the "Don" - will consist of managing your dear family members(although you won't hesitate to cut their "members" if they betray you), dealing with rivalries, and expand your territories.

  How will you achieve all of that? Using only legal and respectable ways, of course! What do you think? So, my son, we're gonna establish a very respectable racket organization, thanks to your brothers who have just been released after 20 years of jail(just a minor murder case, nevermind that), and I count on you to expand my territory and earn respect from our rivals, capisce?

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - The Commission
Did I mention the game is turn-based?

   Oh, and although I'll give you some pocket change to buy your first heater and hire some goons, you'll be on your own to grow your wealth, until you can also bribe the city officials, including the mayor himself! Once you do, he'll give you more leverage over New Shore and our enemies, capisce?

Now, it's up to you, son.

  Here, I'll give you a few pointers. I suggest you start with blackmailing our district attorney, or how about bribing the police chief so that the coppers stop arresting our brothers, eh?  Anyway, spend your funds wisely, and don't forget investing in construction projects, okay?

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Rackets
Hmmm... Rackets, gambling, hijacking? I'm not sure if I'm playing a game about mafia or politics... Oh well, it's the same, isn't it?😊

Did you know?
  It has to be noted that although it plays a bit differently, the game was inspired a bit by "Gangsters: Organized Crime", a 1998 "mobster" strategy game with great depth, which gives us hopes about The Commission.(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED game, by the way!)


Donald Clinton - Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump's hair
Unlock this extra character: The "Don. Clinton"!
Ye cats! Look at these untrustworthy faces! And you'll have to choose one of these five families, crooked as a dog's hind leg, each with their unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, unique relations, etc, so choose wisely!

No matter what, the game seems to reward players who try to work WITH the other Dons, not against them, so earn their favors to become the most influential Don in the entire city!

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - The Dons


  Five families, five districts. Each with their own unique buildings and unique family histories, they'll all play a bit differently from each other. Adjust and pick your favorite way of "working" to be the most productive in each neighborhood, while defending your territory from the coppers and opposing families.

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - The Districts


You'll be on the edge continuously, having to deal with internal tensions in your own clan, managing them through a so-called "loyalty system", which will help you keeping everybody in line, otherwise there would be a risk of one of them becoming a "rat", betraying your organization.

To keep things tight, bribe local city officials using political favors to your advantage and protect your growing empire against organized crime crackdowns.
The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Buildings


  The game features exclusively 1920 to 1930s jazz, and the few tracks we had the chance to listen to represented perfectly the atmosphere of this period, while still being reminiscent of these good old "film noirs" of the past century.

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Banner

The Commission: Organized Crime Grand Strategy - Politics
There! What did I tell you about politics? lol

The Commission will be released on Steam on August 23rd, 2018. 
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The Commission 

  The game has a real potential to be an accessible modern replacement for "Gangsters: Organized Crime", but it's too early to know if it'll hold true to its promises. 

While it looks simple at first, things got more complex than what I thought, and I might revise my judgment about the game being too "casual".

  The game is still being developed (although it'll be released in a few weeks only!) and according to what I heard, the developers are intending to improve communication of events to players, which could make the game a bit easier to comprehend, although the UI is already quite intuitive.

  Finally, I would have appreciated a more "mafia-like" atmosphere!🕵 I wonder if the whole atmosphere isn't a bit too serious and almost "clinical" in some aspects? (the board map is a bit abstract) But maybe the developers wanted to avoid the overused cliches and memes(unlike me!😅), which is very respectable. 23 skidoo!


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