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MOD: Commandos 2 - Destination Paris v1.46

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 "Destination Paris" is a must-have mod for all Commandos 2 fans! It changes almost everything in the game, adding lots of new stuff to the original missions, increased difficulty(actually too much!), and TONS of new missions!

You can get the mod on MODDB (2GB!) =>

You must own the original game to play this mod! You can get it on GOG here.

Commandos 2 - Destination Paris - Round IconTO SURVIVE A WAR, YOU GOTTA BECOME WAR!😎

  Originally, the objective of this mod was to make the game way harder(as if it wasn't too hard already!), comparable to the first Commandos game. 

And believe me, the modders have considerably increased the difficulty(and  gameplay time!), and it's definitely not recommended for newbies!

This mod modifies all missions(as well as bonus missions!), to make them a lot
more interesting and difficult. The gameplay has been modified and offers more
possibilities to the player!
  Most commandos have more abilities like throwing bombs or using bear traps, their cover ability has been improved, etc.

Commandos 2 - Destination Paris - Mission 'Day of the Dawn'
Overall, the graphics haven't aged too badly, but the fan missions look uneven.

There's a bit of broken English here and there, but overall, it's acceptable.(modders are German, and apparently Chinese too?)

In case you're interested, somebody wrote a very nice Multiplayer guide there:

 Do yourself a favor and DO NOT INSTALL the optional third training level. It's insanely difficult, as you have just one commando at first, having to face TONS of heavily armed guards.

Commandos 2 - Destination Paris - Mission 'German High Security Fort Colditz Castle'
Something I have always wanted to do: Castle Colditz level at night!

This mod has a major letdown: the widescreen fix doesn't work with it!😭

FEATURES(too long to list!)
  • All the main and bonus missions (ALL modified) from Men Of Courage plus a lot of Fan made missions and ALL the missions from BEL/BTCOD/C3! (plus a few more bonuses)
  • New abilities for the Commandos!(For example, the sniper can now throw molotov bombs, gas grenades, smoke bombs and use bear traps!)(read more)
  • A lot more enemies than before, and now, you will truly feel like you're behind enemy lines!
  • Commandos will appear in missions in which they weren't before!
  • The items have been rebalanced throughout the missions!
  • New objectives!
  • Each place, if visited, will have a reward; no more empty areas without a good reason to visit!
  • Lots of new music!
  • etc.

Commandos 2 - Destination Paris - Mission 'Pharoah Heritage'
I'm telling you, this mission can kiss my sphinx-ter!

Overly Attached Girlfriend - GIF - Animated eyes   Frankly, all I felt while playing was pure frustration. Thanks god Commandos 2 has quicksaves, but I'm not sure it's quite a pleasant experience to push the quickload button literally EVERY 5 SECONDS.

  The fan missions are a bit disappointing, and again, way too hard to complete. Sorry, developer, but you went too far with the difficulty! I uninstalled very quickly, angry as hell and looking like Overly Attached Girlfriend! 

My advice to novice AND "normal" gamers: Just play the original game instead, and then, how about some Desperados? (On a side note, some fan missions of "Destination Paris" actually use Desperados graphics!) 


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