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For Developers!

Good Morning Gamers focuses on PC gaming exclusively, but doesn't limit itself to any genre in particular.

Also, whether you're a one-man indie game developer or a huge international company making the latest AAA open-world game is irrelevant.
We're open to EVERYBODY, so don't be shy!
(we even play freewares!)

On the other hand,  since there are thousands of games being released every year, we have to limit ourselves to what we consider the best gaming treasures out there! So...


1) You're developing a PC game.
  No consoles, no iOS or XBLA, etc.

2) Your game is already in a playable state. 
Bugs and lack of optimization are acceptable, but it needs enough content so that we have enough to write about. Also, a gameplay video would be IMMENSELY appreciated. 

3) Similarly, it's very likely we won't write about your game if it's on Kickstarter and we still haven't any proofs that it'll eventually be released.
A few work-in-progress artworks won't do it. 
So, again, it'll need gameplay screenshots and videos, at the very least.
We don't have anything against Kickstarter games though, the great Tangledeep started there!

4) We will write news FOR FREE, but not reviews.
(unless your game is an EXCEPTIONAL case, we can discuss about it.)
If you just want to be acknowledged, or if you want to inform people of a nice update, we'll do it for free.
On the other hand, a fully detailed review won't be free.
As you saw on our website, we take this very seriously and write always with passion. 
Contact us to know our fees.

5) Don't take it personal if you don't get any replies.
We get lots of messages, so we can't answer everybody, and also, not replying to you doesn't mean that we're not going to take a look at your game!😊🌼


Send us a message detailing your game(genre, story, gameplay, etc), send or post a video link, and in the best case, send us a demo of your game if it's already playable!
You can contact us easily on this page. => contact us