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MEGASPHERE - New trailer for this promising "Roguevania" with destructible environments!

Megasphere - New Trailer
Megasphere - Logo animated gif

Very ambitious one-Russian-man project "Megasphere" gets a new satisfying looking trailer, showcasing the gorgeous lighting engine, intense gunfights, and "NewRetroWav-ish" music!

MegaSphere is available right now for Early Access on Steam, and Humble Store! 

Megasphere - Half-dead god
MegaSphere is a "rogue-vania" with an original story, since it is about stars disappearing from our solar system, and a military unit sent around Jupiter to investigate on the subject. 

So you're facing a good old sci-fi story, the action taking place in a superstructure ruled by a crazy A.I. who will take a sadist pleasure in sending killer robots to greet you. (What I just wrote sounds a lot like System Shock 2, don't you think? 😉)

The first thing we notice when we play is the beautiful homemade pixel lighting system, highlighting the expert craftsmanship of Anton Kudin, the main developer. You'll also enjoy specular and bump lighting thanks to the Unity engine, not even mentioning a glorious physics engine that gives life to this beautiful world. 
(In case some of you artists are interested, the developer even created a tutorial explaining how he creates his pixel art and lighting techniques here.)

The anime Blame! is the main inspiration behind Megasphere!

Megasphere - tutorials

    New world each time you play!
    Those AI's are called 'intelligence' for a reason! (note: god I love these enemies with autonomous A.I. and random patterns!)
    A homing flamethrower, a wall-destroying graviton, a bouncing RPG?
    Pixel art + pixel-perfect modern lighting engine!
    One life per user, unless you're a cat!
    Believable, alive world. So good it hurts!
    Designed to work with your favorite control scheme!(note: the controls have been ENORMOUSLY improved since the past 6 months! If you didn't like it the first time, give it another chance, you'll be impressed!)

Recommended alternative!
Dead Cells - bloody fightDead Cells might be the best "rogue-vania" alternative for now. 

Featuring a rather deep combat system combined with an unforgiving "Dark-Souls-like" gameplay, Dead Cells offers an almost flawless experience, mixing skillfully metroidvania (unlocking unreachable areas) and roguelite elements (permadeath)!

Similarly to Megasphere, Dead Cells uses a magnificent lighting system, although it's an ingenious system making a 3D game looking like it was made in 2D!

Megasphere - Rosyanka-1
It reminds me of a joke. Why do Mexicans cross the border in pairs? Because it clearly says "no TRESpassing".(And now you can make this joke with Honduran too!)

What do you think, Willy?
Citizen Kane - slow clapI've been watching closely Megasphere since the first days of development, back when it felt like a simple giant sandbox, and I can safely say, this is easily going to be a megahit when it reaches v1.0.
Not only it has eye-catching aesthetics and inventive procedural generation, now the game uses intelligent level design and features some very satisfying gunplay. I LOVE to be thrown into a gigantic cryptic and mysterious labyrinth, having to figure out how to get out while firing at dozens of tough-as-nails enemies.(Note: the game doesn't hold your hand and is HARD.)

Megasphere has only ONE problem: we wonder when it'll exit early access...
I've been waiting for years now, and I can see that it has been improved tremendously, but it's starting to feel almost too long now... On the other hand, some of the best games we reviewed on GMG took 10 YEARS to complete...
So let's be patient! 😁

Megasphere - logo

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