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RETURN OF THE TENTACLE - Play the unofficial sequel of Day of the Tentacle for FREE!

Return of the tentacle - basement

  Since the timeless Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, many point-and-click fans have waited for a third game, with the same tongue-in-cheek and witty humor. Unfortunately, LucasArts had surprisingly abandoned this franchise and we had to wait during two decades to get only a mildly satisfying HD remaster, released in 2016. 

God bless independent German developers, as the studio "Catmic" brings us its own unofficial adventure, very well done in the Unity engine! 


The story:
Return of the tentacle - game coverTwo years after the end of Day of the Tentacle, Bernard receives a mail from the purple tentacle, announcing his return and his ever-present desire to "DOMINATE THE WORLD!" Of course, he also promises to kill Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne ... Bernard decides to go and ask for help from Dr. Edison, creator of the tentacles.

  The game takes place in the same locations, and you'll play again with Bernard, Hoagie, and Laverne, and you'll find the same old ingredients which made it famous, including the lovely cartoonish artistic direction, the witty humor and, more generally, the zany atmosphere

Named "Return of the Tentacle Prologue", this prequel to Days of the Tentacle is now available for download here => GET THE GAME FOR FREE
Yep, it's 100% FREE, so you have no excuse to miss out on this one!


Return of the tentacle - Sam & Max cameo
Sam & Max will play a little part too!
 - Again, this is ONLY the prologue, not the full game! The developers haven't stated when the full game will be released, but it's possible it'll take a few more YEARS. (the game is being developed quite slowly since a very long time now.)

- Unity engine is great for its versatility, but as it's often the case with this engine, the game seems to be unoptimized, and it made our computer fans loud. It will depend on your gear, though.

- Graphics are almost identical to the remastered version. Landscapes are a little bit TOO cartoonish, but characters are astonishingly nicely animated and close to the remastered version.

In the graphic settings, choose "FULL HD" graphics AND "antialiasing", otherwise, it'll look very blurry AND jaggy.

Return of the tentacle - main hall
I always felt that the new remastered graphics looked LESS detailed than the old pixel art. Is that blinding nostalgia or common sense? Still, nice work, guys!πŸ‘

Day of the tentacle - Green tentacle bedroom
I miss that lively and detailed pixel art!😭
- Dialogues are subpar compared to the original, as you can imagine. Overall, actors seem a bit demotivated, and some of them even have a strong accent(Bernard), making them sound like that guy from "Cooking with Dog" youtube channel. Kinda funny, but keep in mind you have to lower your expectations.
(the game is available in both English and German, along with 12 different subtitles!)

- The OST re-orchestrations sound good. Strangely, the music always seem too low though, even if you raise the volume. By the way, you can download it there => DOWNLOAD THE OST- We encountered some recurring bugs, especially when changing resolutions: black screen, freezes, etc.

Return of the tentacle - attic
I always loved attics, don't you? It feels so cozy, and I see that the developers and I share the same idea, playing games in the attic!πŸ˜‹


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